Ketogenic diet in Weight Management

Obesity is one of the strong risk factor for cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases but the treatment is still under debate.

Why we become fat?

With an excess intake of carbohydrates, the muscle tank of glycogen reserves becomes full and the dietary glucose is converted into fat cells and makes us fat.

Role of Keto Diet

Ketogenic diet decreases the level of glucose and releases the stored fat from the fat cells to produce ketones for energy.

Ketogenic diet in Weight Management

When store tank is full, glucose converts to fat and makes us fat.Ketotek reverses the store of the fat cells for energy.

Clinical Efficacy

Dashti HM et. al. showed that after supplement of ketogenic diet, hyperketonemia occurs and individuals assigned to a ketogenic diet shows reduction in the body weight and body mass index at 8, 16 and 24 weeks.  The data are expressed as mean ± SEM. β-HB is also a lipid lowering agent , thus it helps in cardiovascular deseases and obesity.

Clinical Efficacy

Changes in Body weight and BMI in Obese after keto diet

Stages of Ketotek in weight loss
Action of Ketotek in weight loss


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